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Gun Training

Certified Firearms Training
  • 60 Minute Private Range Lesson (Appt Only)

    Certified Firearms Training

  • Owner, Aly Breggin, and firearms traning partner Jason Tipaldos are both certified by the state of Maryland to teach MD HQL and other gun training.

    ******WE provide ALL firearms for training and live fire qualification.
    *MD HQL/BASIC Pistol Course $165 
    4 hour (minimum) course also includes Concealed/Wear & Carry Certifications for VA, FL and AZ. We go over the basic pistol components and all responsible safety, handling, storage and ownership needs. 
    Basic pistol cleaning is covered. MD law is included. 
    There is a live fire qualification at a shooting range - we get you on target and comfortable shooting at 3 yards. 
    *MD Wear & Carry (Concealed Carry) $330
    Includes Basic Pistol Course (everything listed above) and additionally- Concealed/Wear & Carry for AZ, FL, & VA and The live fire qualification will meet MD standards and get you comfortable handling your firearm. MD law will be gone over extensively!
    *Basic Rifle Course $165
    We go over all basic rifle components, safety, handling, storage, cleaning, and responsible ownership. You will be comfortable handling a rifle in your home and at a shooting range after this. 
    Live fire qualification/range time included! 
    *Private Range lessons are available $80 per hour. 
    We provide private lessons for:
    Semiautomatics, Revolvers, Semiautomatic Rifle, Bolt Action rifle   
    *Cleaning Lessons personalized for YOUR firearm. $80 per hour.
    *Consultations - personalized services for purchasing, storage, and in YOUR home or business safety needs.