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Meet ALY

Meet ALY

Aly has been doing massage for over 20 years and personal training for 5 years. Her passion is helping people. Aly began getting massages after having her spine fused at the age of 12 due to severe pre-adolescent Scoliosis. Massage was the ONLY thing that relieved her pain and muscle spasms. Since then she has dedicated her career life to helping people – not only helping them get out of pain and discomfort, but showing them how to help themselves stay stronger and relieve their own pain from home with stabilization exercises, lacrosse ball work, foam rolling and stretches. Aly is a mother of two wonderful boys, practices Brazilian Jujitsu, is a self proclaimed gym rat, an avid Latin dancer, loves cooking, target shooting, and making meaningful connections with her friends, family and clients.


– Licensed Massage Therapist #M05462
– Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA) #1200497582
– NRA Certified Instructor: #258345115
– State of Maryland Certification #QHIC-2021-0066