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Personal Training:

"I started seeing Aly when I began working a sedentary office job and noticed I was gaining weight.  Aly helped me modify my diet and eating schedule in a way that allowed it to be much healthier while still remaining comfortable for me.  Aly taught me an easy to follow workout routine that I can do on my own to stay active.  When we have a session together, Aly is very knowledgeable, patient, and careful.  Aly has a great personality and I am always comfortable going into workouts with her even though I am very inexperienced.  I know she will challenge me and encourage me to reach my full potential.  Highly recommend!"


Personal Training:

"I've used Aly's personal training services and have had great results! I'm fairly new to fitness, and trying to do it on my own left me discouraged, quickly watching my progress decline. She taught me form, technique, and all about HIIT. Her energy and encouragement is fantastic and keeps you wanting to work hard!"


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